Women’s Accessories

Women’s accessories designed and manufactured by Manufacturas Sabaté are created so that the modern woman can personalise their style of dressing.

We have an important and modern fleet of machinery which allows us to offer products of different textures and thicknesses, with designs that we can customise if the client so wishes. For this we have a wide range of knitted accessories, such as gloves, scarves, capes, collars, ponchos and hats. All of them are based on the latest fashion trends, with a wide range of colour choices.

Also, fashion trends also tend to bring new types of garments to which we always incorporate our accessories. Knitwear is mainly used in winter, so most of our designs are created for this time of the year, but we also have accessories for the summer. We have accessories that are required at any time of year.

Cuidamos la selección de las materias con las que fabricamos nuestros complementos. Tenemos hilaturas con mezclas de lana y acrílico, poliamida, viscosa, etc…

Las hilaturas de calidad son la base de una buena prenda y es porque tenemos el control de todo el proceso de fabricación, que nuestros productos tienen una inmejorable presencia final.

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