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Project Description

  • Producto: Ref. 44
  • Description: Men’s 100% acrylic gloves, soft and warm to the touch. Finished with a ribbed cuff. The gloves are made with seamless technology machines, which provide comfort and lightness to the garment. The seamless gloves adapt to the natural contours of the hand, allowing you to enjoy a good sensation of feel while still protecting you from the cold. The interior of the glove is fleeced to give more comfort and warmth, this process is carried out during the finishing of the glove and consists of a layer of fibre that provides thickness and volume. The fibre layer covers the whole glove, including the fingers.

  • Finishes: The properties of acrylic fibre are softness and strength. Machine washing in cold water or on a maximum of 30 degrees using a gentle spin programme is recommended. Drying should be done outdoors or using a tumble dryer with a short, low-temperature programme. Acrylic fibre has a high resistance to sunlight, so the glove can be used outdoors without any limitations.