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Project Description

  • Product: Ref. 1175/2
  • Description:Scarf extra, measures 30 x 180 and composition 80 % Acrylic – 20 % Wool. Knitted in thick gauge and braided structure, it is a full-bodied garment with a great flamboyance. The worked fabric provides an elegant and sophisticated look to our wardrobe. You can wear the scarf unfolded and let it hang, or you can wrap it around your neck for a large, voluminous look. Available in various colour combinations to suit different lifestyles.

  • Finishes: The properties of the spun yarn are softness and resistance. Machine wash in cold water or at a maximum of 30 degrees using a wool programme, and gentle spin is recommended. Drying should be done outdoors or using a tumble dryer with a short, low-temperature programme. The material is very soft and may shrink somewhat when washed. Steam ironing is recommended to return the garment to its original size. Wash with lightly-coloured laundry.