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Project Description

  • Product: Ref. 1169/3
  • Description: Unisex cap in 100% acrylic with a camouflage design, soft and warm to the touch. The cap has a certain amount of elasticity so its measurements are suitable for all types of adult wearers. The cap is double-layered, providing high thermal insulation from the outside. A double-spun edge adjusts the cap to the, head and holds it securely in place.

  • Finishes: The properties of acrylic fibre are softness and strength. Machine wash in cold water or on a maximum of 30 degrees and using a gentle spin programme is recommended. Drying should be done outdoors or using a tumble dryer with a short, low-temperature programme. Acrylic fibre has a high resistance to sunlight, so the cap can be worn outdoors without any limitations.