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Project Description

  • Product: Ref. 1163/4
  • Description: Rustic-look poncho with a sheer pattern. Very comfortable both indoors and outdoors. Composition 53 % Wool and 47 % Acrylic: Woven in thick gauge and openwork structure, it is a weighty garment and very eye-catching. The fabric provides an ethnic look to your wardrobe. Its triangular design allows mobility in the arms without losing the feeling of warmth. Available in 4 colour combinations to suit your different lifestyles.
  • Description: Finishes: The properties of the spun yarn are softness and resistance. Machine wash in cold water on a maximum of 30 degrees using a wool programme, and a gentle spin is recommended. Drying should be done outdoors or using a tumble dryer with a short, low-temperature programme. The material is very soft and may shrink somewhat when washed. Steam ironing is recommended to return the garment to its original size.