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Project Description

  • Product: Ref. 1157/5
  • Description: Neck type fireplace in 80% Acrylic and 20% Wool material designed to dress and protect from the cold. It can be worn as a neck or as an executioner, with two pieces in one. Of generous measures, it provides an excellent protection to the wind and cold in those gray days of winter. It is a complement to our wardrobe available in more than 14 colors to have one for each occasion that is presented.

  • Finishes: The properties of the spinning are softness and resistance. It is recommended to wash in cold water or maximum 30 degrees in a washing machine, using a program of wool and soft spin. Drying is recommended to do it outdoors or using the dryer with a short program and at low temperature. The material is very soft and can have a certain contraction when washed. Steam ironing is recommended to leave the garment in its original size.