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What we do

At MANUFACTURAS SABATE, S.L. we design, manufacture and distribute clothing accessories for men and women. We carry out all the design and production phases, which allow us to offer a highly unique range of products. We select the best raw materials on the market to obtain high quality products. We also take care of the manufacture and presentation of the product, so that the final result is an attractive and modern garment. Our speciality is our mark, and is the way we make all types of accessories for both men and women.

Our history

We started our activities in 1950 with the manufacture of leather gloves and knitted fabrics. Soon the product range was extended to more accessories. Our adaptation to different market trends and technological advances has allowed our collection to expand and follow the fashion trends for each season. Today, we have modern technology that allows us to produce samples and digitally simulate the final product before starting the production processes, thus saving time and improving the quality of the final garment.

Our objective

Our aim is for our customers to have the product they want, in some cases, with the most daring design, and in others, with the most functional design. Our extensive range of products will allow you to find the accessory you require.

Where are we based?

We are based in Igualada (Barcelona), Spain, where we have the optimal location and facilities from which to develop our activities.